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Belmont Baptist launches their new Emu website!

Looking for a little inspiration? Or maybe you are searching for a place to plug in? When Belmont Baptist church of Tampa decided to completely change their image on the web, they turned to Emu to provide not only a great user experience, but also…

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What Makes a Great Logo?

What Makes a Great Logo? We have a lot of clients approach us about designing the logo for their business, and many have an idea already of what they want it to look like. Many times, however, the direction they want to go is counterproductive…

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What can Social Media do for your business?

Did you know that last year, 72% of Fortune 500 companies were posting to their customers and potential customers on Twitter? And that in that same time period, 80% of executives surveyed believed that their utilization of social media led to increased sales? Social media…

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